The great things come in small packages

We will not talk about a product, erectile pills that cure the erectile dysfunction syndrome, called LEVITRA. You might have even heard about this drug before. Now the compound found in these pills belongs to the family of PDE5 inhibitors. It is one of the newest cure for erectile dysfunction on the market and in many states is a prescription drug. Now since it has much bigger effect on your body, than for example Viagra, you should always be cautious when

  • You are taking NITRATES for angina, chest pain or in a form of poppers, a recreational drug used by lovers to make the things a little wilder. These drugs can make blood pressure very LOW and taking Levitra, you increase the risk of having dangerously low blood pressure.

  • riociguat (Adempas®), a guanylate cyclase stimulator might be a huge risk for you to combine it with Levitra.

  • You are forbidden to be sexually active by your doctor. Levitra is kind of a cheat way that might get you in a very unpleasant position.

The best way

Levitra is the best way for those allergic to Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Since they can’t take these cures, it’s up to Levitra to cure them of their erectile dysfunction. You don’t have to worry since many men use Levitra and it helped them greatly. It might help you too.

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